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Of Procom Servicios Inteligentes S.A. de C.V. Services

Of Website Use

Procom Servicios Inteligentes S.A. de C.V. (hereafter, PROCOM) offers the following Terms and Conditions of Use for its Web site (www.procom-inc.net) accessible for free.

General Terms

The use of Web site (www.procom-inc.net or procom-inc.net) is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. The access to this Web site by any instrument or device query (browser) implies adherence to these terms and conditions, so that all visitors (hereafter user or users) is subject to these terms.

Property Web Site

The contents of the Web site, comprising text, photographs, animations or videos are property of PROCOM. Additional emblems and logos are property of their respective owners, institutions, corporations or groups, in cases where indicated. Copying, personal or commercial; or unauthorized distribution of this material without express permission from PROCOM is an offense under the applicable regulations or the legal framework of the Mexican United States laws. The refusal of a copyright infringement represents the legal institution responsible and criminal proceedings against the offender.

Website content

The website content is considered informational and commercial, and is subject to change and periodic updates by PROCOM, which will be raised without notice to users. PROCOM disclaims any loss or damage whether directly or indirectly, without transcending the cause or origin thereof; PROCOM therefore can not guarantee for its Users the availability or access to the Web site.

Internal Links

The PROCOM Web site may contain links to other Web sites other than their own, so it does not guarantee the availability of the site, quality of information and accuracy of the same since it depends on third parties and not of PROCOM.

External Links

PROCOM reserves the right to distance itself from links to external Web site locations, considering that PROCOM can not be held responsible for the quality and prestige of external websites that link to this Web site.

Use of cookies

The PROCOM Web site uses cookies, a file or set of files that improves the performance and content of the Web site to make it more useful and relevant for users who navigate it. By using the Web site, users accept the installation and use of these cookies.